The low back, as viewed from the side in the images above, should have a natural 'J'-shaped curve with more curvature at the bottom. This curve is called the Lumbar Lordosis (Figure 5 above). Lifting injuries, falls, poor posture, and poor ergonomics all contribute to abnormal Lumbar Lordosis (Figures 1-4 above). Abnormal Lumbar Lordosis puts you at greater risk of adverse nerve, ligament, and muscle function. Ultimately, abnormal Lumbar Lordosis may lead to a number of health related disorders and increased potential for back pain and injury.

The DENNEROLL is a Lumbar orthotic device developed by Chiropractors. Its unique design provides a gentle but effective stretch that assists in the correction of abnormal Lumbar Lordosis (see Figures 6-8 above). When properly used, the DENNEROLL can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension, and recovery from disc injury. Enhanced patient comfort and improved health are the goals.

There are three areas of the low back appropriate for DENNEROLL application. See Figures 9-11 above. Your Health Care Provider will determine which is right for you. You must follow their recommendation exactly for best results and to ensure safe use. The DENNEROLL device should only be used on a firm surface such as the floor, or a bench.

When finished with your DENNEROLL session, do not raise straight up. Roll to your side off the device and once comfortable sit up.

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